Frostbite is a serious tissue destroying disorder. It is something that is not often anticipated in relatively mild winter temperatures. In the winter months everyone should stay alert and take precautions to avoid the unnecessary effects of frostbite.
When you're out in the cold, your body works hard to stay warm by altering blood flow toward your heart and lungs. This leaves your extremities (arms, legs and feet), vulnerable to cold injury, especially toes and fingers. Depending on the severity of the exposure, frostbite can affect the skin or underlying tissue. In most cases, the area becomes numb and feels frozen. Skin will appear waxy, white, or grayish. Any exposure to the feet should be evaluated and treated by a podiatrist
Robert J. Landy, DPM Dr. Robert J. Landy is a podiatrist with office locations in West Islip and Hicksville, NY.

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