Trick or Treat

Remember to wear comfortable sneakers while Trick or Treating.

Whether your kid has decided to go as the Joker, Buzz Light Year, or a monster for Halloween it's important to keep their safety in mind. Kids often don't pay attention to where they're walking, missing cracks in the sidewalk or other obstructions in the street.

On Halloween this is particularly true since the dark night and wearing masks can impair their vision. In addition, your princess may want to wear tiny high heels or your monster may covet those big monster feet. Unfortunately these shoes have many limitations when keeping your kid safe.

It's not surprising with all these hitches your kids are more likely to get sprains, fall, stub or break their toes, and get foreign bodies that can work their way into a less than protected shoe.

Good footwear can make a difference. Even though your kids may want the biggest, ugliest feet the best shoes for them to wear is a walking shoe or tennis shoe. They'll be more likely to make it through Halloween without coming to pay us a visit. 

Robert J. Landy, DPM Dr. Robert J. Landy is a podiatrist with office locations in West Islip and Hicksville, NY.

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