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Have you recently suffered from an Achilles tendon injury, or do you seem to have chronic calf and heel pain associated with Achilles tendinitis? The expert podiatrists at the offices of Robert J. Landy, D.P.M. in West Islip and Hicksville, New York, can help. To put your Achilles tendon pain behind you, book an appointment online or over the phone today.

Achilles Tendon Q & A

How did I injure my Achilles tendon?

Achilles tendon injuries and chronic inflammation — tendinitis — can occur for several reasons.  You can develop Achilles tendon issues because of:

  • Improper stretching before exercise
  • Overuse or repetitive use
  • Running on uneven or hilly terrain
  • A sudden increase in activity level

Tendinitis and other Achilles tendon issues are more common as you get older, especially if you’re male. Plus, if you have certain medical conditions, including high blood pressure, you’re more prone to having Achilles tendon pain and inflammation.

What are the symptoms of Achilles tendon injuries?

Achilles tendon injuries can lead to lingering pain and discomfort, which can vary from mild to severe. If you injure your Achilles tendon or have tendinitis, you may experience:

  • Throbbing or aching pain down the back of your calf
  • Severe stabbing pains above your heel
  • Calf tenderness, stiffness, or inflammation

Depending on the severity of your Achilles tendon injury, you might find that pain gets slightly better with mild to moderate activities. But symptoms are likely to worsen with exercise, running, or climbing stairs.

Can I get treatment for an Achilles tendon injury?

While rest and icing the area regularly is essential for recovering from an Achilles tendon injury or tendinitis, your dedicated podiatrist at the practice of Robert J. Landy, D.P.M. can also help you with any acute discomfort you may be experiencing. They will design your Achilles tendon treatment plan to relieve pain as well as strengthen and heal your Achilles tendon. Your treatment plan may include:

  • Physical therapy sessions
  • Custom supportive orthotics
  • Anti-inflammatory medications
  • Personalized stretching and strengthening exercises

If your Achilles tendon is torn or ruptured, you might need minimally invasive surgery. Achilles tendon surgery involves repairing your tendon and removing any inflamed tissue. Your expert practitioner at Robert J. Landy, D.P.M. will help you recover quickly if surgery is needed and help you get back to your regular routine.

Get relief from Achilles tendon discomfort by booking an appointment online or over the phone with Robert J. Landy, D.P.M. today.